good vibes only?

So i recently saw a post online which described the phrase "good vibes only" as being toxic. There is a very obvious point here that i think we throw around the word toxic far too much nowadays without properly thinking through the situation or meaning behind it and I think it goes very much in… Continue reading good vibes only?

and breathe…

so I woke up feeling well rested and ready to take on the dayfed myself breakfast and put on music while I took a bit of me time to improve my appearancefull face of makeup and a cool outfit always put me in a good moodand ofc I then spent probably too long taking selfies… Continue reading and breathe…

heartbreak playlists

R.I.P to my common sense </3 I'm a sucker for making unnecessary playlists, with songs I don't wanna listen to, about emotions I don't want to be reminded of. That classic image of someone who listens to sad songs when they're upset just so they can cry more about it, slightly pathetic but also very… Continue reading heartbreak playlists

“home is where the heart is”

Think i need to give a little bit of context before going on a rant about why I, someone going into their second year of uni, is getting sad about going back and away from home despite really not liking it. I live in a large town in between Manchester and Liverpool where nothing really… Continue reading “home is where the heart is”