questionable poetry

So I am not a creative person or an artist, I just occasionally try to be an average writer at best. I have some pieces that i found that im not sure what to do with them so im gonna just shove them up here so they are out in the interweb. So you can… Continue reading questionable poetry

and breathe…

so I woke up feeling well rested and ready to take on the dayfed myself breakfast and put on music while I took a bit of me time to improve my appearancefull face of makeup and a cool outfit always put me in a good moodand ofc I then spent probably too long taking selfies… Continue reading and breathe…

SOFAR sounds manchester

There is a reason that this post is very late and that's because I was busy with other life stuff, no further explanation needed so let's move on. In the last month I've been to two SOFAR gigs. SOFAR stands for "songs from a room'. It is essentially a little, literally tiny, gig with (usually) independent… Continue reading SOFAR sounds manchester


It's currently midnight and I'm bored so here are some questions from an icebreaker app I decided to download and my answers to them. "What's the most important thing to you in a romantic relationship?" Comfort. Being comfortable being my true self around them, not feeling like I have to change who I am to make… Continue reading Icebreakers​

Halloween season

As a big fan of Halloween, I decided this year I would try to dress up in outfits for the days leading up to the 31st of October and after, because why not? Now then, at Halloween people dress up in many different ways, the traditions have definitely changed over the years. People either go… Continue reading Halloween season


So this will definitely be one of those blogs that I forever go back to and update because I absolutely plan on having lots more tattoos than I have right now but gotta start somewhere. At this moment in time September 2018 I have exactly three tattoos and it was recently a whole year since… Continue reading tattoos