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dear me

Dear 14 year old me, It's been 8 years since we last met and i hope you're proud of me. I can promise you it's gets much better after high school,college is so much fun when you study topics you actually enjoy!You don't really make that many new friends between now and then but the… Continue reading dear me

still figuring me out

so I know there's that whole thing that our brains aren't fully developed until we are 25 but pretty much as soon as we are teenagers we think we've got it figured out. we think we know our morals, the type of people we want to hang around with, the way we spend our free… Continue reading still figuring me out

raising expectations

~written may 2021~ this time last year I was back in my hometown during the first lockdown, unsure about the future of my nursing degree, doing zoom calls and online quizzes with the family, in a relationship I wouldn't stay in and just...existing. I always used to make jokes about how life would easier if… Continue reading raising expectations

Normal People

So the latest show to binge watch is on BBC iPlayer called Normal People.It's based off a book by Sally Rooney and being as pretentious as I am I decided to read it before watching the series (also I needed the challenge to see how quickly I could finish it, with just under 300 pages… Continue reading Normal People

Being a student nurse during Covid-19

~ Before I write about my personal experiences, I just want to acknowledge that this pandemic is having an impact on everyone but in completely different ways. We need to remember to be empathetic to each persons struggles because none of us have experienced a situation like this before. Lives have been completely shifted for… Continue reading Being a student nurse during Covid-19

good vibes only?

So i recently saw a post online which described the phrase "good vibes only" as being toxic. There is a very obvious point here that i think we throw around the word toxic far too much nowadays without properly thinking through the situation or meaning behind it and I think it goes very much in… Continue reading good vibes only?

the character of Love

*SPOILERS FOR THE NETFLIX SERIES YOU but not actually that many* YOU so before I start I want to clarify I will mainly be focusing on season 2 because it has just come out and it's been awhile since I watched the first season! this is also written before i've read any online comments about… Continue reading the character of Love

loving completely (anxious)

So it's currently "cuffing season" which is the unfortunatly time of year where theres lots of holidays to celebrate in the colder months and apparently the want for a relationship increases for us singletons. In an attempt to not totally fall for this trap and loneliness that has accompanied my newly single status i've decided… Continue reading loving completely (anxious)