good vibes only?

So i recently saw a post online which described the phrase “good vibes only” as being toxic. There is a very obvious point here that i think we throw around the word toxic far too much nowadays without properly thinking through the situation or meaning behind it and I think it goes very much in hand with cancel culture in terms of the quick jerk reaction to label something as negative and never wish to discuss it futher.

However i do understand peoples frustration with constant bombarding of online positivity. The same can be said around negative news which some would argue is all that seems to plague mainstream media and i don’t judge the people who just decide to block all that out either.

Heres the main point i want to make. Own your space.

Whether its online or personal. You have the ability to control who you surround yourself with in terms of friends or family or media sources or instagram accounts or tweets.

Some people would rather have constant reminders of the good in the world or compliments and those who choose to focus on the not so pleasant facts of war and politics in the world have the option to do that too.

Just because people want to spread happiness in whatever way they can and choose to be “glass half full” kinda people doesn’t mean they are naive for it. Humans are complex creatures and full of emotions most of which we don’t understand never mind share to others or online.

There is sometimes no clear consistancy between an “optimistic” view on the world and a “realistic” one when it comes to a perceived persona that we carefully create to share externally.

People get sad. People can be happy most of the time. People are usually somewhere in between.

I may seem to constantly spout cheerful hopeful “posi vibes only” quotes online but i’m still clinically depressed, yes diverse girls like us exist.

I like the option that we have, to curate a space online full of whatever information or tone we wish to experience daily. But there becomes an issue when you try to push your ideals onto others.

I can support women but also know my self esteem can’t handle following all the mega beautiful cosplayers on instagram and that’s my truth, doesnt make me any less feminist or body positive of all shapes and sizes. Another example is that, I momentarily (and foolishly) put more emphasis on my negative bitchiness when talking to a painfully pessimistic indidivual and not only did i end up hating the person that i was just to satisfy them but i couldn’t truthfully keep up that persona, so boy bye. Some people in life just arent a fan of individuals like myself who like to keep things mostly light (but in actual fact i know deep down the world isnt totally like that) and I can’t be dealing with negative nancy over there who whines and moans but never does anything about it to change (because they are probably happy with being miserable).

Each to their own. Agree to disagree. All other wishy washy phrases that i love dearly because it accepts the truth that we are all individuals with different experiences and you can’t force people to think the way you think. You do you, boo.

ttyl, Jess/x

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