the character of Love

*SPOILERS FOR THE NETFLIX SERIES YOU but not actually that many*


so before I start I want to clarify I will mainly be focusing on season 2 because it has just come out and it’s been awhile since I watched the first season!

this is also written before i’ve read any online comments about how much people hate or love it so there still might be some topics that I haven’t discussed that you wanna put in the comments!

in season two Victoria Pedretti plays the love interest of the dangerous main character….and coincidence would have it that she is actually called Love. now I have to say that I absolutely adore this actress anyway because of her performance of Nell in Haunting of Hill House so she has a piece of my heart already. but it seems like there is some similarities in both fictional women in terms of their endearing naivety and tragic life experiences thus a combination is made in a vulnerable individual who meets an unfortunate fate. 

i have such heart eyes for Love<3

maybe it’s because I relate to Love’s hopeless romantic side but also her commitment to her family despite their flaws and firm belief in being an independent woman who can make her own decisions but still surrounds herself with friends who will give her hard hitting advice when she needs it. but this character feels complex as we all really are without making any decisions or plot twists occur that feel out of place but instead we just think “oh yes because they are human and us humans are fickle beings, duh obvs”

another praise I shall give to the show is that they seem to have perfectly captured the nuances of modern language of teenagers and 20 somethings. despite the fact that I am not a hip trendy creative living in hollywood, LA I am a young(ish) person who has been brought up in the world of technology and internet. in parts of the show the easy availability of everyone’s information and importance of trends and online presence or personas is an integral part of the storyline just like it is a key part in many of our lives, as much as we would like to disagree. 

we all care too much about what we are going to post and what others will think instead of recognising that we don’t ever really go into this level of judgement for anyone else so in reality no one cares but there’s still the heavy sense that everyone does and we all hate each other (again most likely not true). 

this show can bring up the topic of how much *private* information we can put on our social media and if it could ever get us into trouble in as many forms as their are social network platforms or usernames we’ve had since starting on club penguin when we were 7. we all try to keep our anonymity in some way or another while still continuing to scream from the virtual rooftops the most intimate details of our mind and relationships.

also toxic relationships. I quite like that throughout the show we can hear the internal monologue of the main character. it creates a very similar American Psycho vibe with the true dark thoughts of the individual being broadcast alongside their innocent/normal front.

maybe I like this show because after being in a relationship that left me questioning their true intentions and will possibly continue to do so for all future partners because you can never really know what someone else is thinking, I can unfortunately relate to the traps people fall into and red flags they avoid when it comes to the people close to us.

Final note: ive just finished the season and starting writing this post before episode 9 and well…the finale is another proof that not everyone is what they seem and you can give your everything to someone and expect the same in return but they may not live up to your expectations*


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