So this post is inspired by this video by Carrie Hope Fletcher which was part of her “May, myself and I” project which I also attempted to do on my Instagram – corporealdays. (I’ve just started Hannah Wittons Dear June too)

I’ve recently become a fan of the whole idea of starting any changes you want to as soon as you decide to. Don’t wait for a new year or for the start of a week or a day off to fully sort it out. Start right now and dont hesitate, completely rearrange your life whenever you see fit because we dont live long enough to just decide to get stuck in the same old patterns if they no longer suit us. I have decided to try to structure my life through my motivations in an attempt to kick start new habits and perspective on my decisions.

I have attempted to split up my motivations, for this moment in time, into 6 categories and put them in order of importance to me. This may change if i focus on few more than others but for now this is what I have come up with.

  1. Productivity/organisation
    This is a big one for me because the gods, and everyone else around me, know how awful I am at this. It’s such a simple habit to get into, it could easily reduce the amount of stress I create. From the last minute essays I haven’t done or the emails I haven’t sent about organising important things before a deadline. I also would quite like to get a first in university or at least a 2:1 so that means I’ve gotta sort myself out before third year so I can make myself proud and accomplish something important to me.
  2. Independence
    So I’ve kinda been living on my own/out of my family home for coming up to two years now but seeing as its only 20 minutes away I do go back quite often and I’ve always lived with other people. In the next couple months I will be moving into a studio flat on my own and I’m actually excited to get into my own little routine in my own place and trying to discover Manchester third time lucky.
  3. Health
    Now then, this does include mental health as well so I may still say no to nights out or parties if I’m feeling anxious or too tired but…I’m gonna focus on my physical health for a while as my meds help significantly with my brain (but i do need to remember to take them). While I have my own place I hope to cook more healthy meals and find alternatives to the quick easy food I eat right now, maybe I’ll become the kind of person who actually meal preps 😮 I’m also hoping to start either walking more or going to the gym IF i have the time while balancing university life however no pressure to do everything at once.
  4. Experiences/close connections
    In the past i have gotten major FOMO (fear of missing out) from not being able to go along to group plans because my university course goes for an extra two months than most peoples. However I’m going to try to get a balance between not sacrificing the hours I need to graduate and going on trips with my friends. I have already said I will go to stonehenge because i know i can catch up the hours in placement. Even though I’m only in uni for 3 years, I also want to spend time with my family and friends, the people in my life that I care about and value are important too.
  5. Hobbies
    I have decided that to truly feel fulfilled, seeing as I’m clearly not busy enough and I need to improve my social life, I’m going to try to gain some actual hobbies rather than just watching films and youtube videos (blog coming about yt being a hobby) I would really like to start roller derby soon in Manchester as a fun non competitive sport, then there is also blogging, reading and maybe get back into photography.

    Hopefully I can stick to this structure and descision making process but we’ll see! Let me know if you have a particular way of saying yes or no to certain things in your life, I’m curious how people weigh up things differently

    ttyl, Jess/x

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