favourite films

the ultimate question.

and the answer is that I don’t have one.

I genuinely can’t choose one. I’ve had to take out “film lover” from my tinder bio because so many people ask this predictable and frankly boring question. I refuse to be judged solely on my choice.

Also I think this question needs to be much more specific. like what is my favourite genre? (probably sci fi or horror see I cant even choose one of them)

Can I have a collection of films like Star Trek or Star Wars or Lord of The Rings or all Marvel films ever?

If I pick a horror film can it be ones like It Follows or Paranormal Activity which I will watch over and over or is my favourite horror film one that is so scary I will never watch it again like Hereditary or The Witch?

When getting into sci fi films it’s even more complicated should I pick a darker story like Donnie Darko or a more comedic one like Fifth Element or Attack the Block or recent favourites like Mad Max or Arrival or Ex Machina?

Will people judge me if I go with more modern mainstream film favourites rather than classics?

Sometimes I say I like cult films but that makes me feel slightly pretentious and I’m not a snobby film lover who doesn’t like films that most people have seen (unrelated to this is the fact I don’t like Fight club, Pulp Fiction, Harry Potter or The Shining)

but that also feels like I can’t say I enjoy the occasional foreign film like Amelie or Pans Labyrinth because I do like a film with subtitles.

and I haven’t even started talking about most Studio Ghibli films which will forever have a favourite place in my heart since I’ve watched them with my family for years.

and what about the super clever mystery/suspense films like Gone Girl or The Girl On The Train?

What about my favourite childhood Disney films like Peter Pan or Beauty and The Beast which will forever have a place in my heart??

Can you include films that are based off book adaptations? because The Hunger Games Trilogy and The Book Thief are my favourite books but are they my favourite films?

Honestly, in this day and age with so many amazing films do people really expect me to have one singular ultimate favourite film?!

….however, I lied I do have a favourite right now but I’m not saying which one and will probably change my answer until the end of time

* also follow me on twitter @corporealdays bc i’m doing 20 films that inspire me over the next 20 days

ttyl, Jess/x

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