2018 in review

So I’m going to be completely honest that most of this year is a blur to me and I did have to go through my photos and calender to try to remember what I’ve done. Yay for a bad memory.

I started 2018 with purple hair in a relationship doing my first year at uni, stressed about essays and exams. Ended 2018 with blue hair, single, in my second year at uni and still stressed about essays.

And for all the months in-between here’s the short story.
Three nursing placements, various dating experiences, trips down south for boys, trips up north for friends, many weekends at home, pub quizzes, many different hair colours (green, brown, ginger, blonde, grey), nights out, trips to the gym, starting a blog!, cinema trips, visits to museums and art galleries, late nights, early mornings, 7 gigs, sleepovers, laser tag, dogsitting, moving into my shared house with strangers, film society, house parties and many many many trips to spoons.

Looking back I can say that I’m happy for all the stuff I’ve achieved, personally and academically. I’ve said yes to things I mightv’e been scared to do but got good experiences out of. Don’t get me wrong I’ve still struggled with certain things but I’m proud to say I’ve managed to figure out ways to deal with it and if not I’ve had people around me I know I can rely on to talk it through or to have a rant. 2018 wasn’t perfect but that’s life.

Now onto 2019! I do have a list of resolutions but they’re mainly just continuations of last years as I aim to improve who I am, mentally, physically and socially. I’m gonna continue to take care of myself. Essentially I’m going to attempt to be more present, without wasting time when I am more than capable of being even slightly productive. This is not me shaming who I was last year or anyone else who has a similar lifestyle but instead, I’m gaining the motivation to be the best version of myself that’s possible. So make your own new years resolutions or don’t, but don’t put too much pressure on drastically changing in a day, its a process and you can make changes at any time of the year!

I’m sure 2019 will be a time for all of us so I look forward to experiencing and sharing it with you all!

ttyl, Jess/x

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