Halloween season

As a big fan of Halloween, I decided this year I would try to dress up in outfits for the days leading up to the 31st of October and after, because why not?

Now then, at Halloween people dress up in many different ways, the traditions have definitely changed over the years. People either go in any old fancy dress costume – fairy, princess, astronaut, or as general spooky characters like skeletons, vampires, witches, zombies, werewolf etc or as characters from horror films like Chucky, or just wack on a mask and become Jason from Friday the 13th or the killer from the Scream franchise

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 15.14.40Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 15.12.54

Previously I’ve just done very last minute “creepy” makeup to look like I’m dead, paired with a tulle skirt so I look kinda cool at the same time.IMG_7525IMG_7573 So its about time I changed it up a bit. (left – mirror picture from 2017, right – me in 2015)










(me and friends at a Halloween ball in 2016)

So I decided to actually try for the spooky Halloween theme and shove together as many outfits as possible (that I can afford) this year. This was just a fun little challenge for me to express my love for this holiday so I didn’t take it too seriously.


IMG_1190.jpgFreddy Kruger – gotta have a classic horror character in there somewhere right? this is a very minimalist version complete with a jumper that I know is the wrong colour (but id never wear the original red and green and gotta get my moneys worth!!

209502AA-4605-4CD9-81EE-6FD7D2A01878Mike Myers – I wore a red jumpsuit to watch the new Halloween film which I’m gonna count as an attempted costume because I can’t sit in the cinema wearing the mask




Generic apocalypse person – now then this is legit just an outfit I wear anyway because I love this style but it looks badass and goes with the theme so whatever. All you need is dark clothes, boots and green trousers.


Supergirl – a nice little casual idea bc I already had the t-shirt so I just hid it underneath my shirt while on placement haha.






AND THEN! I dyed my hair bright blue so took advantage of this and the fact I already had the Coraline doll so popped on a yellow t-shirt to slightly match her.


Mermaid – I impulsively bought some mermaid leggings so paired with the blue hair I was basically a cool toned ariel right?








Vampire – For the daytime and trick or treaters I decided to be a gothic vampire complete with pale face makeup, a cross necklace, bat earrings, black lipstick and fake blood…casually spooky.

(this is the design on the “vampire” dress 
I wore)

IMG_1776Skeleton- I had already worn this costume to a house party for cult films as  Donnie Darko (pictured below) but it also matched my bitmoji outfit and is a very classic Halloween look. Wore this for our group Halloween movie/gaming night.Screenshot 2018-10-26 at 23.44.17








In the few days after, I made the excuse of refusing to give up the Halloween spirit (ayy) by wearing some clothes I wouldn’t usually day to day. Add in some fake confidence and you get some cool casual costumes out of it.


Army Barbie – I recently bought these super awesome pink camo pants so thought this would be a good chance to wear them. With some iconic Barbie pink lipstick, I wore this while visiting a friend at her uni.


Clown – all I did was some subtle weird eyeliner and wore my iconic dress by hell bunny to keep the creepy, fancy dress idea alive at least until the Halloween week was over. </3



Other Halloween touches:


ghosty earrings which I adore and actually wore several times this month cause who wouldn’t want a lil spooky friend with them at all times?






Bonus pictures of our Halloween decorations because our estate had a competition for the best dressed house so we put a little effort to keep the children (and me) happy.










If you’ve made it this far please like, comment and share just because I spent far too much time getting the order of these photos just right that I honestly think I’m going to die younger for it.

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