wtf is the law of attraction?

I know that this post is going to sound absolutely bonkers to some people and to others they may get what I mean. I shall try to explain it as best as I can for both of these groups and everyone in between.

If you ask me what my superpower is then I will answer “well I already have one: the power to create something out of nothing”. Now I’m not saying I can pull a rabbit out of a hat or click my fingers and have a hot waiter appear holding a pizza whenever I want (although that would be pretty cool and weird). Instead what I’m talking about is how I can make something, or some situation that I want to occur or to be created, from my own thoughts. Also known as the law of attraction.

It is essentially a philosophy which can be defined as “the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on” or “the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, people can bring positive or negative experiences into their life”. I’ve heard other ways to explain this idea as simply ‘asking the universe’ or ‘manifestation’. I honestly can not remember when I first discovered this but I have been attempting to practicing this for about a year now.

Still think this makes no sense? I’ll try to break it down on how to achieve this and give some examples.

Step 1) Thoughts.
This can be in the form of daydreaming or envisioning something that you want to happen whether it’s a pair of expensive shoes or a different career path.

Step 2) Consistent reminders.
You can’t simply just think of it once and have it happen. You need to work on having this “dream” in your mind for a significant amount of time, you need to really want it to be a reality for this to happen.

Step 3) Put in the work.
Obviously our brains can’t just do all the work, you have to be proactive in your behaviour to attempt to get this goal. Like make a plan of how to budget or begin to make the change to study something different or learn a new skill.

Step 4) Act like it’s already happened.
Imagine how you would feel in that new job or what outfits you would wear with your new shoes. Feel those emotions and hold onto them as motivation.

Step 5) Surprise! It’s here.
And bam before you’ve even realised how many days or weeks or months or years since the thing you thought was so far away, it’s now a reality for you. (This is not a process that is time limited, don’t give up so easily.)

Now if you just ignore steps 2-4 then it looks like thoughts of stuff you want suddenly creates a reality of stuff you have. There are no tricks to how this works it simply takes practice and commitment like anything else.

I totally believe I have the power of the law of attraction. Particularly in terms of romantic relationships. I’m a big daydreamer about people I’m talking to, I think about different conversations we could have and their responses or different trips I can have with them and how they would react to certain situations. I think deeply about the kind of people I want in my life. And it’s always surprised me how many times I’ve thought “aw I wish I could go on a date with someone?” and then *ding* I get messages off people I know asking me out. Coincidence or not idc. It’s the law of attraction. It works. For me.

Other ways that I attempt to create positive thoughts into positive experiences is creating “dream/vision boards”, both online and in real life. I have folders full of images about my perfect future, pets I want, wedding dresses, apartment goals, fashion styles, job plans, group trips, parties. I even have a list of key words in my bedroom about things I want in my life that I look at every day I walk out the door – adventure, happiness, love, health, friendship.

It’s about altering the way you view your hopes and the stuff you absorb and put out into the world. Instead of thinking about losing weight or restricting certain foods, focus on your health and improving how you feel in your own body. Change the phrases you use to be more kind to yourself and give yourself the positive motivation to take steps you wanna take.

I’m not saying that people who always post negative quotes are always miserable and those who post positive quotes are always happy, but it can have a big impact on how you feel when you’re constantly looking at and absorbing these different kinds of images. There’s a reason why many people don’t like watching the news too much or why we always put our best selves on our social media. Put out the messages you honestly believe in and the energy you want to attract will find itself back to you.

A video by a youtuber I adore, Melanie Murphy, wrote a chapter in her book about it. She calls this philosophy “The Force” like in star wars, which I quite like. Feel free to watch a video she made reading out the chapter, if you like either ASMR or learning more about the law of attraction from her point of view, someone who has been practicing it much longer than I have.  find the video here – dreams into reality

There is also a book called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne which I haven’t read but I do know is based on the law of attraction so let me know if you’ve ever read it and what you think 🙂

There are a lot of other resources out there that go into much more detail than what I have I’m sure – feel free to google and call me out have a conversation with me about if I got anything wrong different to how you think it works.

But there you have it, a nice little lesson on my limited knowlegde of the law of attraction. Now may the Force be with you!

ttyl Jess/x

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